Why Us



We believe we can offer the fairest results of all classing operations.

The unique ownership structure of our company is specifically designed so that no one shareholder or shareholder group has a controlling stake in the business.  This means that all classing decisions are made unencumbered by bias or coercion.


Our facilities offer superior conditions systems and equipment to ensure we provide a totally neutral, independent and self-sustaining operation.

We have the most technically advanced passive air conditioning system in the industry.  This ensures that our samples are always tested with optimum moisture content and our testing equipment is operating in ideal conditions.  Not only does this benefit Australian growers and merchants, but will also meet the future needs of our mill customers that are increasingly demanding data from cotton classed using the best available technology.


ProClass is capable of handling close to 40,000 cotton samples per day.  We are able to provide the most efficient classing service available by today's standards, ensuring that growers receive their crop proceeds promptly from their nominated merchant, and merchants promptly receive the required information to get their purchased bales into their supply chain.


ProClass is much more than a classing service - we are an information resource.  Take advantage of our local knowledge and expertise of cotton classification in Australia.  You may wish to talk with our classing staff about HVI test results or about manual classification.  They are available to answer your questions at any time.

Address: 7 Troy Drive, Goondiwindi, QLD, 4390      Tel: +61 7 4671 0333     Fax:  +61 7 4671 1333      Email:  classing@proclass.com.au

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